Not all rings are created equal…..

We all now that, right? Obviously not, as I found out a while back.

My black a5 Aplan binder has been with me for years (and looks like it too). I needed an A5, and decided the time was right for a new one. I finally decided on the manager sized planner from van der Spek, I chose the colours carefully and picked the big back pocket and the secretarial pockets…. And while I waited for my perfect planner to arrive, I found my favourite paper line ever (I´m a crafter, too) and made the perfect dividers…

Or so I thought…..

How could I have known that the APlan rings aren´t compatible with the rest of the planner world?! Or at least not compatible with filofax, gillio or van der Spek? (The personal sized rings, however, are).

So for now, my beautiful van der Spek doesn´t have any dividers (yup, you get it, it was the last of that paper line), while my old, tattered A5 has some really nice, new dividers….

The morale is: wait until your new planner has arrived before you make the dividers….




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