My sparrows are in the nest!

Before the spring colours were discontinued, I bought the sweet pea and iris American Dream notebooks from chicsparrow. When everything is dark and grey outside, I like some colour in my life, and these two definitely are colourful. As always, they got here impressively fast, this time it took a little more than a week.

I decided on the classic ones, because I don´t need pockets for what I intend to use them for, although I do like stitching on my notebooks.

The colouring on the iris one is a bit uneven, and I don´t know if that is normal for this colour, but it is pretty and it will do it´s job, so I didn´t consider returning it. Like my other sparrows, they have very nice edges and to me, that´s very important when purchasing a notebook.

They are very cute, and will be perfect «bunny-dori»s.

Wrapped individually. Love that!

Wrapped individually. Love that!

Definitely "happy" colours.

Definitely «happy» colours.

The knot is on the back.

The knot is on the back.


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